Customer development is more critical than ever. InMarketNow focuses marketing needs combining technology, data and creative. Our understanding and insight into consumer connections provides actionable throughput at key customer touch points. Your business is always in motion, your marketing communications should be too generating meaningful conversations with individual consumers.

Holistic Computation and Execution

Today’s business environment has a new challenge, consumers can shop without moving. Marketing strategy must unite an understanding of consumer purchase behavior, media behavior and time of need. InMarketNow provides customized marketing solutions where integrated audience management tailors reach and frequency across media best suited to individual trade areas.

This holistic, focused approach provides unparalleled access to consumer data, creative, and flexible advertising messaging. We also provide easy to understand metrics allowing better control of ad frequency, sequencing and timing. The result is ad dollars are best spent serving outcome improvement and faster, better decision making so you can focus on your business while maximizing return on advertising investment and marketing.


The geography from which you derive most of business is crucial. The linkage between customer data and geography generates a road map for current and future business. One of your most valuable assets is your customer base. In the digital age organizing, maintaining and updating that customer base while integrating surrounding consumers and media behavior is critical to success. InMarketNow will help you understand these audience segments, their intent and how to channel media that emphasizes value based on timely promotion and engagement. The result is you can measure effect and return on advertising investment in the communities (geographic area) where you do business.


Analysis, reporting and results are a critical part of the InMarketNow service platform. Our fresh approach generates insight across the customer marketing spectrum. You will be able to easily understand and interpret all output without having to sift through massive amounts of data.

Product Platform

InMarketNow works hard to provide great products and service. We manage the diverse media landscape while providing focused conversations with your customers (retention) and prospects (reactivation and new customer development).

About Us

InMarketNow has successfully helped numerous large and small companies leverage data, enhance customer relationships, and build sustainable new business. Founded in 1994, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we continue to bring a unique and continuously evolving perspective to advertising, marketing, targeting and measurable media assets. Our methodologies are proven, easy to execute, scalable and drive incremental business value.

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