InMarketNow/Hunter Declined Services Program:

For retail locations with Hunter inspection systems such as Quick Check Drive, the addition of Hunter Diagnostic data feeds (declined services) to customer databases represents a significant step forward in targeting and reaching customers that are truly in “Time of Need” and not suspected of being in time of need based on a predictability algorithm.  The addition of Hunter Diagnostic data definitively shows the customer has declined the service because it was not on the invoice.  Retailers can now target these categories and send out postcards or email reminders with immediacy highlighting the services declined during a recent vehicle visit.

The diagnostic data (declined services categories) coupled with creative and digital print personalization are brought to a customer’s attention based on immediacy and relevance.   Research has clearly demonstrated that closing the gap quickly and reaching customers with a declined services reminder generates:

  • Enhanced relevant, personalized creative
  • Significantly increased response
  • Purchase of the declined service(s)
  • Larger invoice amounts because customer’s buy more than just the declined service(s)
  • Superior return on investment versus retention reminders
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